About Us
"As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person."
Paul Shane Spear
Tiny Toes Tiny Feet was established in  December 2015 to help  support mothers and families struggling financially by providing good quality (pre-loved) second hand items for babies and children.

Samantha Negbenebor (Founder)

Samantha lives in Wembley and is a mum of 2 children (A  two year old and recently a new born). She knows only too well that preparing and having a child can be really expensive, especially for mothers and famililes who are strugling financially. After helping out a friend who desperately needed baby items by rallying her "mummy" friends together to donate their unwanted baby items. She realised there was a real desire for mums to pass on their unwanted baby items to family members who really needed them.

What we Do: 

Tiny Toes Tiny Feet  collect donations of baby equipment, clothes, toys and other baby essentials and pass them unto mothers and families who really need them.

Who We Help:

Tiny Toes Tiny Feet supports babies, children and parents experiencing hardship, by providing good quality second hand items.

We work in partnership with support services such as children’s centres, health visitors and social service agencies.

All donations go directly to the families and mothers that we support, and each item to someone who specifically needs it.

Other Services:  Samantha is a professional Recruiter and offers programmes that will help mothers get back into work if faced with unemployment:

Professional CV Writing, Interview Technique and Career Advice